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WMP use VSFlter problem
If I want to play mp4 file or mkv file with a ac3 audio, Windows Media Player will use Media Foundation to decode them, so there will be no VSFilter and so the subtitle. But if I disable Media Foundation, it will be a problem if I want to play video in Microsoft Edge (if I disable MF for mp4) and Movie & TV app. So is there any way to make MF use VSFilter? If it can't, how can I solve this problem with Microsoft Edge and Movie & TV or other Player that can't use LAV to play video file?
For your use case scenario, the only solution is to stop using WMP for local playback. Having to check/un-check the MF checkbox as your needs change is frustrating and discouraging. I suggest using MPC-BE downloaded from my Tools page for local playback as it is pre-configures to use the settings from my Apps and you will no longer need to disable Media Foundation to get subtitles supported.

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