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Why is configuring sound so difficult? No sound thru headphones but yes thru speakers
This is the perfect codec solution EXCEPT The damn sounds.

WHY? WHY cant it just work or a simple option that says "Downsample for headphones" and period. Done. Nothing tinkering all the damn time...

Anyways, after that rant: Why does audio work when I put it thru my speakers but when I plug in my headphones , I hear only a few bits of audio but no speech for example.
on the Audio TAB, access [setup LAV audio]
on the mixing TAB, choose to [x] Enable Mixing
(10-01-2017, 03:31 AM)Shark007 Wrote: on the Audio TAB, access [setup LAV audio]
on the mixing TAB, choose to [x] Enable Mixing

I already did and tried this.

Shark007 should have a "2.0 audio?" section and if selected, automatically apply all settings for default 2.0 playback with mixing into two channels for all codecs with no surround sound and period. If deselected, it should set the settings previously selected.

I dont find it that difficult to implement.
Still no solution for this?
When trying to disable Microsoft's Audio (or Video) decoder, a error pops up saying to remove videos from desktop

I have no videos. At all.

File folder
Adobe Acrobat Document
BMP File
Configuration settings
Disc image file
Internet Shortcut
JPEG image
Microsoft Word 97 -2003 Document
MPEG Layer 3 Audio File
PNG image
RAR File
Text Document
ZIP File

Do any of those types on my desktop look like video files? No.
I cannot explain your difficulties.
Most people do not even need to disable those decoders so please explain what you are trying to accomplish?
Maybe there is a better way to achieve your goals without all this hassle.

You may find that using the STANDARD Codecs much easier to configure to meet your needs.

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