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Win 10 x64 Adminstrative User Green Crash
Hi, with the last Adv v1032 update if I try to install or use the app in Administrative User mode you see a green box outline and it always crash freezes.

The app and the installer works normally when I don't use Admin User mode, but you can't save config.

I am unable to corroborate your findings. It is possible that your virus scanner interfered with the installation.
I suggest that you uninstall and re-install the codecs.

To manually uninstall the 32bit codecs, copy/paste the following line into Explorers' address bar or the Windows run box and press Enter.
msiexec.exe /uninstall {8C0CAA7A-3272-4991-A808-2C7559DE3409}

To manually uninstall the x64Components, browse to the installation directory, C:\Program Files\Shark007
and execute the file unins000.exe

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