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Windows 10 Media Center & Lav Filters
I just got done installing Media Center on my Windows 10 64bit.
If I install this codec, I can play DVD's through Media Center (LAVFilters-0.69-Installer).
How can I get the Shark Standard Codec to use it's Lav Filters to play back DVD's in Media Center so I don't have to install the other codec? (LAVFilters-0.69-Installer)
If you have already verified that DVD playback works on your own (because I haven't tested that feature in WMC10)
In the 64bit Settings Application...
all you would need to do is to select the [x] SUGGESTED settings checkbox, I would think.
If that is not enough, 1 more idea would be to [x] Disable Microsofts Video decoder on the Windows SWAP TAB
That did it!
good to hear.

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