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Windows 10, advanced codecs and Mediaportal2
Hi Shark, long time Wink

I have moved from Windows Media Center to Windows 10 and mediaportal 2.
I have setup my tuners correct, I get epg, and I receive strong signal strength and excellent signal quality.

what I found out, that live tv and watching recorded shows, shows a lag or light stutter.
This is annoying after some while.

The codecs I did a clean install, clicked on suggested settings on both 32 and 64 settings

Any advice here? or should I go to MP1

oh, mt graphics card is Radeon RX440.

Regards Robert
LiveTV uses Microsoft codecs by default.
You could force it to use LAV by choosing to disable the Microsoft Video decoder on the SWAP TAB
but that would break and Copy once and DRM'd channels.

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