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Windows 7 with 32 bit Standard Codecs 7.1.6
Dear Sir,

I am using Windows 7 with your 32 bit Standard Codecs 7.1.6.

I'd like to adjust the brightness of the videos using FFDshow and the audio loudness using FFDaudio. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you for your help.

The standard Codecs do not contain FFDshow. 
FFDshow is deprecated and is no longer developed. I wouldn't know how to instruct you on its usage.
UNINSTALL FFDshow. It has become redundant. 

Use a player that gives you brightness control such as the preconfigured MPC-BE player downloaded from my tools page
In its settings under the Interface section, you can adjust the brightness

For loudness, go to the Windows sound settings and in the properties of your active device, under the Enhancements TAB, choose to use Loudness Equalization
Thank you for your help, Sir


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