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Windows 8/10 Thumbnail Cache keeps being cleared
I had this problem for ages on Windows 8 and Windows 10 is the same.
The Thumbnail cache is cleared automatically at points and it has to redo everything once that happens.
I found no good solution to this sadly.

Icaros seems to have added a safety net in the latest version.
But still i had this issue.
Does it only have safety net on folder selected or what, bit confused;P

I might have solved it, just needed to use Dynamic and tell it to use certain type of files.


The indexing feature is a bit weird.
If i have Preview and Large on the same folder it will be less cache than if i have Preview.
My guess is that it can't store different sizes, is that correct?

Hi zerowalker,

I'm glad to hear you figured this out yourself. ;)

As for the reason why things are seeming slightly odd for you with the indexing feature,
it may be because the dynamic cache works regardless of the what folders have been added
to the LOCATIONS page.

The LOCATIONS page is only related to the static cache, and "Build" button on the cache page.

Have you taken a look at the README file. It should hopefully explain these modes, and features quite well.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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