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Windows Media Player and mkv file duration
Hi all,

I have Windows 7 and I have installed latest codec to playing mkv video on windows media player and all works fine (thanks shark);
but WMP don't show the video duration.

I have enabled icaros thumbnails and enable properties explorer, and the duration is show on windows folder, but when I add a mkv file in wmp it doesn't import the info restored from icaros.

But, if I rename the mkv file in .avi file and then I import it in wmp, the duration is showed (WOW).

I can't rename video file and the duration in wmp is very useful for order the video by it.

What I wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Choosing to install this addon, Windows Media Player Plus! for WMP may fix your issue.
Thanks for your quick reply; I try it, but nothing changed Sad

But anyone with same problem?
I'm alone?
It is not just you. The problem is with WMP in that version of Windows.
In Windows 10, the issue does not exist.
But if the file is renamed in avi, wmp import all info...

may be some configuration to force wmp use mkv as avi?
any registry or config trick?
That addon I linked to, is all I know of.
I have never used it personally because it didnt impress me much.
I had hoped there was some improvement since I last checked it out.

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