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embedded mp4 videos won't play
A recent Realplayer update did away with my thumbnail icons, so I downloaded your codec package to fix it. The icons returned, but now I can't play embedded mp4 videos on Internet Explorer. Some setting I need to adjust? Also, a minor peeve, I can't rename videos that are playing anymore.
press [Reset All] in both apps (32 and 64bit)
embedded mp4's should work now

If it still does not work,  have you disabled UAC?
doing this can break video playback of any kind.
That did work. Funny, the only difference is when I first installed them, I checked the box for recommended settings. Now after the reset, I left it unchecked and that made the difference. Thanks.
I recommend using the SUGGESTED settings but you do need to read the questioned posed.
It asks if you watch video's in a web browser so when selecting that setting, you need to answer Yes.

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