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evr.dll issue
Windows 10 pro "N" version. 

Installed Feature Pack KB 3010081

error wen playing any .mkv or .avi - evr.dll

video will play no subtitles.

mp3 will not play in music player.

K-lite was installed and has been removed. settings returned to default.

Is there a way to completely reset everything? I have used Sharks reset -  still having issues. 

That error is coming from the player, not the system. 
Go into the player settings and choose a different renderer.
under Options | Video, change the Renderer from Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter) to simply, Enhanced Video Renderer.
In the future, do not use the N version of Windows if playback is important to you.
thank you, fixed the error, no subtitles with the first test. using external .srt

any possible way to make things work pretty well with Windows 10 "N"?

I really had no choice on this system, not possible to change to a different version of windows. I was under the impression that the Media Pack would sort of fix things?

thanks again
I would suggest using a MPC-BE player downloaded from my Tools page since those players are pre-configured to work seamlessly with my codec installations.
I always use your version MPC-BE
I am unable to reproduce the subtitle issue. (tested just now on Windows Insider 15031 - clean install)
I also cannot reproduce any issue with MP3 playback. testing with Groove, Windows Media Player and MPC-BE.

Try re-installing the player to get all settings back to (my) defaults.
Of coarse, that will mean fixing the renderer issue again too.

I recently posted new players. Getting the latest may help.

It is my opinion that the 'N' is the real issue for all of these problems.
I think it was a combination of Windows N and the K-Lite codecs that messed things up. I was able to get things to more or less to work after reinstalling the K-Lite pack. thanks for the help.
I am not willing to troubleshoot their junk for them.
Just avoid it in the future and you'll be fine.

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