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h265 HEVC codec

I have been using the standard codec pack since version 2.64? It's been awhile to say the least. 

For my setup I'm running a Windows Home Server 2011 ( runs on a windows server 2008 kernel) and using it's stream media function to stream video to the XBox 360, Xbox One, and an LG BluRay Entertainment system. The setup has worked fine for many years and many file types until now. I now have a movie encoded in HEVC 2.65 and when attempting to play the file, the LG and PC's, ect were getting a file not supported error. I have since upgraded to the 4.00 version of the standard codec and if I go through the networked media center options it will play the file on the PC's but not on the XBox's or the the LG. 

Is this codec just a pain, and not read by many devices or am I doing something wrong in the setup.

I was hoping the 4.00 version would decode the video on the fly so that the extenders and DNLA connected devices will play.

Thank you!
Those devices (other than the PC itself) do not support the H2645 codec.

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