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strugling with surround sound
I am struggling with understanding the settings. I have an asus z97 motherboard with windows 7 and an intel i7 devils canyon chip. I am sending my signal to a marantz avr vis hdmi and using media center.
The problem is the avr show dolby digital when watching tv and shows dolby when playing a dvd. If i watch an avi or mkv movie it show s stereo. If i set the speakers to 5.1  in control panal i see multi channel on the avr but if i go to watch tv i get no sound. Im thinking its a setting in the shark codecs but am not sure. I think the avi file are being sent in stereo and i think i want them to send the whole stream.
Your thoughts?
I noticed the hdmi is being handled by the intel chip and the optical is being handled by realeck. Do i want to go toslink?
In Windows Audio settings the AVR should be selected as the default device with the speakers set to stereo.
On the Audio TAB of my app, HDMI should be selected (the left side self adjusts)
To force Media Center to use LAV audio for files, you need to disable the Microsoft Video decoder on the 64bit swap TAB.
Keep in mind, the above setting may adversely affect TV viewing in Media Center.

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