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win 7, hdmi, digital sound, wmc
Hi - i'm using windows 7 (32bit) with windows media center.  I go from computer -> Yamaha rx-s601 receiver -> Sharp tv all using HDMI.  I can't seem to get anything other than pcm stereo out of this configuration.  Here is what I've tried:
1) in windows control panel set my configuration for the receiver to STEREO
2) install latest shark standard codecs
3) using Shark control panel 4.8.9 
        a. click 'shark SUGGESTED settings'
        b. Audio tab, set TRUE HD/DTS
4) test and only get stereo PCM
5) in the WINDOWS SWAP tab I try turning off Microsoft Audio encoder and this stops all sound from happening.

I know you've gone thru this type of setup before, but some of the screen shots are outdated.  Can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?
thank you!
Your settings look OK. Most likely it is a player configuration issue.
Go to my Tools page and download and install the x86 version of MPC-BE.
This player needs no configuration and will use the settings in my App.
Yup, player issue...your's works.   Thanks.. btw .. donation just sent in.  THanks for fast reply and all the work you've done.

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