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wrong bitrate from AVI / no bitrate from MKV

on a freshly installed and fully updated Win7 64-Bit the native Property Handler reads System.Video.EncodingBitrate and System.Video.TotalBitrate correctly. After Icaros is installed and activated for at least AVI the value for System.Video.EncodingBitrate is completely wrong. Please see attached screenshot. Left is native, right is Icaros.

Additionally Icaros doesn't read System.Video.EncodingBitrate / System.Audio.EncodingBitrate from MKV / MKA files. In case of multiple audio streams in a MKV / MKA file Icaros should read the bitrate of the standard stream (which is either the first stream of the same type or indicated by a special tag).

Hi an3k,

Sorry for the very long wait. Summer got in the way.

Could you please send me a sample of that AVI file, so I could take a look at it?

MKV and MKA files doesn't store the bitrate values of each track in it's metadata, so Icaros would have to calculate these values
by parsing the entire file. 
This could be time consuming, which is typically unwanted when it comes to property handlers. 
If I can find an efficient way to get the track bitrates, I'll be sure to add these properties. Wink
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No Problem. Hope you had a great summer / vacation Smile

Sure, just need to cut it before. Or do you want the 350 MB file?

When I open a MKV or MKA with MediaInfo I can see the bitrate for each track and it just takes 1 - 2 seconds to open a 37,7 GB MKV file so I guess it is not scanning the whole file. That's why I tought it should be possible with Icaros too. Or is MediaInfo actually scanning the whole file? If so it's really fast.
Thanks, I did! ^__^ I hope you've had a great summer as well.

The full file is fine with me. Do you have a place to upload it? 
Otherwise I could link a couple of sites.

I believe MediaInfo does do a simple scan of the entire file to get the various info (but don't take my word for it).
The Icaros Property Handler is slightly more restricted though, because users may select several hundred files at once,
and ask it to provide info for all of them. To avoid locking up Explorer for several minutes, Icaros has to be able to
provide the info for each file in only a couple of milliseconds. 
So any kind of partial or full file scanning is usually avoided when parsing files.
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Yeah, was just a little bit too hot Smile

Yes, thanks! Here it is https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8gf20A...sp=sharing

Sure, I fully understand that. I for example have one Directory full of files (3,5 TB in total) and I guess it would take very long. Additionally I have thumbnail caching disabled which adds another delay Smile
I'll check with the Matroska developers (got some contacts over the years) and ask them how it could be achieved.
Yeah, too hot is not really my cup of tea either. :D

Thanks for the sample, I'll check it out ASAP.

If the Matroska devs can tell you a solid way to calculate these values, I'll be happy to implement it. :)
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Ok, got a reply from the devs. Here's what they wrote:

Quote:Matroska itself doesn't provide any header fields for such
information. So generally the answer is »no«.

However, mkvmerge has been creating statistics tags for a couple of
months now. If such tags are present then those can be evaluated. The
MediaInfo authors promised to use that information, but I don't know
whether or not they've gotten around to implementing support for them

See https://github.com/mbunkus/mkvtoolnix/wi...generation

In the latest version of MediaInfo I only see those tags for the container itself but not for each track so I guess they didn't completely implemented it yet. I quickly checked the mentioned website and saw that all information required to get a Bitrate value are present but have to be calculated. I don't know if this still causes too much delay for a property handler but maybe it's worth a try? If you're going to implement this I will gladly beta test it. I have plenty of newly muxed MKV files containing these tags Smile

EDIT: If you need a sample MKV muxed with a supporting mkvmerge version I for sure can upload (a tiny) example file.
Actually that seems like a very viable way to implement this. :)
I had completely forgotten that mkvmerge now adds this additional metadata. 

I'll take a look at it, and let you know if it gives me any trouble. 

I should have plenty of sample files which contains metadata like this, but in
case I need more, I'll be sure to let you know. ;)
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Hi Xanashi,

any updates on this? Smile
(06-29-2016, 02:51 PM)an3k Wrote: Hi Xanashi,

any updates on this? :)

It involved a bit more work than I had initially thought, but it's on the top of my todo list. 
Hopefully I can get around to it soon. ;)
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