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RE: About Icaros - Paladin77 - 01-08-2012

Oh shark007 decended to help me with my issues :-))) much obliged (lol I was stupid not to see that it was you who provided the reg file. I look at the post not the use rofl my bad). Anyways I use LAV for decoding realmedia and I am facing no playback problems. I am going to try something and get back to you.

EDIT: Nope not working. LAV decodes video well (Despite some splitter related issues but problems arise in thumbnailing).

RE: About Icaros - Lenmaer - 01-08-2012

Well, I tried the reg file for the real video thumbnails and it's working.
I've Real Alternative lite installed.
Also I had to check rv12/rv34 in the video decoding option in LAV Video and rm in LAV Splitter in order to get them shown.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-10-2012

Lenmaer is correct.
If you enable rv12 and rv13 (rv12 is not enabled by default) in LAV Video's format list,
Icaros should be able to thumbnail most realmedia files.
The reg file Shark posted, should work as well.

I just tested on my rm/rmvb samples and all thumbed easily.

Thanks Lenmaer, for pointing it out.

RE: About Icaros - Paladin77 - 01-12-2012

I need help Xanashi, Shark007. While testing a debug build of LAV I ended up with messed up thumbs of avi, mp4 and other filetypes normally handled by windows. I know I can use icaros for them. But If you would tell me a way to reset them back to default behaviour. I would be much obliged. Thanks!

NB I tried the reg file few pages back w/o success :-(


RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-13-2012

(01-12-2012, 03:08 AM)Paladin77 Wrote: EDIT nvm FIXED!

Great! ^^

RE: About Icaros - BlackPhantom - 01-22-2012

Hi, I was wondering if I installed Haali's Splitter would have that any affect on Icaros?

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-22-2012

(01-22-2012, 04:16 PM)BlackPhantom Wrote: Hi, I was wondering if I installed Haali's Splitter would have that any affect on Icaros?

It shouldn't, as long as LAV Splitter Source is still registered for the filetypes you want thumbnailed. ;-)
Any "smart" player should still be able to use Haali, if you set it as a preferred filter in the player's options.

RE: About Icaros - Lars - 01-30-2012

For some reason, it's not working for me. Thumbnails for .mkv worked with divx plus, but it was never able to thumbnail 10-bit .mkv. I decided to give Icaros a try. I had deleted divx plus, than I've made sure that LAV filters and .NET Framework 4 are present. I am under windows 7 64x by the way. So I deleted all my thumbnail cache, than restarded, than installed Icaros, activated it. And nothing. I restarted again, just in case. Still nothing. Windows recreated thumbnails for .mp4 and .avi files, but my .mkv files are "nude'. It's not even trying to create it. Maybe I should reinstall .NET Framework 4.

RE: About Icaros - Lars - 01-30-2012

Wow, that was totally my bad. I just forgot, that I used Haali media splitter instead of LAV splitter. Now that I installed latest LAVfilters 0.45 with splitter, everything works fine. Though I always have thought that Haali media splitter is better, don't know why. But looks like I'll have to go with LAV splitter from now on.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-30-2012

Hi Lars,

Glad you figured it out! ;-)

At some point in the near future, Icaros will be able to work without DirectShow,
and conflicts like the one you just experienced will no longer pose a problem.

If you use a player like MPC-HC, it is still possible to use other splitters and decoders,
as long as you add them to the external filters list and set them as preferred.

LAV's splitter is using the same core as Haali's splitter, so I would still recommend it, though. ;-)
(Unless you're using ordered chapters a lot.)