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RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 12-31-2012

PM is preferred. :)

I could do a bit of testing and see if my code can process the images any faster.
Several minutes? How many images are we talking about?

RE: About Icaros - Lenmaer - 12-31-2012


I've send you a PM. ^^

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 12-31-2012

Thanks! ^__^

Those scans are quite huge, indeed! :O

EDIT: This may take a while... :)

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-01-2013

Here's another build, that mostly focusses on minor improvements and bug fixes.

Again, this shouldn't bring any regressions along, only improvements over the previous build.
But as usual, all feedback is appreciated.

[Icaros v.2.1.5]
- Fixed two bugs in the ID3v2 property parser
- Fixed memory leak caused by invalid ape tags
- Added support for various pixel formats when extracting cover art.
- Updated FFmpeg
- Updated Licenses etc. to 2013

Icaros v.2.1.5 Installer: Download
Icaros v.2.1.5 Portable: Download

Oh, and Happy New Year! ^__^

RE: About Icaros - lordkag - 01-01-2013

So I take it that 3 and 4 (2.1.x) didn't make it to the new year's eve party. Shame on them!!!

No problems so far (I also did a force install, just for the sake of testing), but I have some samples for you, probably tomorrow, after more testing.
I was teasing with MetaFox and some files for checking the Icaros Custom Tracks and spotted a couple of things:
1. (Not a problem) Wmv files turned into mkv have wrong fields - Unknown (WMVx) and MS ACM instead of VC1 (WMVx) and WMA. I know this is for the lack of support from the container, but it would be nice of you to confirm this.
2. Some files with wrong frame rate (as opposed to MediaInfo and before remuxing them - the original file). The wrong or missing frame rate after the remuxing falls on MetaFox shoulders, right?

Will upload the files from 2 after I have checked them all.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-01-2013

Yeah ^_^ I had to skip a couple of numbers for some internal management.
This may happen from time to time.

Good to hear things work, and thanks for testing the installer.

1. In my internal beta branch (which I will try to get out soonish), I have added a much more comprehensive format map.
It should cover a lot more formats and provide better track descriptions.
But your samples are most welcome. It would be good to test this new system on something else than my usual test files.

2. I would probably also need samples here, before I can comment further,
but your assumptions are most likely correct (it's the muxer's fault).

Btw. I checked the previous samples, and...:
1. You were obviously right about the ID3v2.4 tags. MS' prop handler doesn't recognize them at all.
Icaros' ID3 parser had no problems reading them though, so I've added an entry for this on the TODO list.

2. The wrong channel count for the AAC track in the FLV, is actually the expected result, but of course not the right one.
In case of AAC tracks in FLV files, the parser needs to parse the actual AAC stream to find the correct channel count.

3. The mkv with the unknown H264 profile, is also just a matter of parsing the H264 stream to get the correct value.
Something that's not possible with Icaros yet.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 01-02-2013

Just a heads up.

I won't be around for the next couple of days,
so my replies will delayed until then. ;)

RE: About Icaros - ruudboek - 01-03-2013

(12-16-2012, 05:24 PM)Xanashi Wrote: I suppose, I have to contact Marko again about this. Heh, just moments after confirming that the bug is gone. Oh well! ^_^

I have found another 32-bit application that exhibits the same upside-down thumbnails for both swf as well as flv files.
It is called ultraexplorer.
It is a great filemanager, but unfortunately no longer being developed.
You can download it here:

Use "FreewareFiles Mirror (US)" to download.

Xanashi, have you received a response from Marko (cubicexplorer) yet?

RE: About Icaros - cheng - 01-06-2013

I'm using just Icaros 2.1.5 without any codec pack and it's working great so far, but one little thing is bothering me.
It seems that the thumbnail cache rebuilds itself on every start or restart of the machine.
Usually if the thumbnail cache if its build and I open a folder containing video files the thumbnails just pop up without delay but now it seems like after a restart every time it has to read each file to display the thumbnails which can be kinda time consuming if you got a lot of video files in one folder.
Is there a workaround for this or is this normal using Icaros ?
Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.
I'm on Windows 8 Pro x64 with Media Center

RE: About Icaros - ZavierQuixote - 01-06-2013

I believe Icaros saves a "Thumbs.db" in the same folder the files are contained within, whereas Windows Vista and later changed the location where these thumbnail database files are kept. I suspect that might have something to do with it; the same thing happens on my Window 8 pc after restarting. Then again, I did a manual installation; I've not tried to see if using the installer modifies this to suit the version of Windows being used.

I think I know now what had caused my issue with flac tooltips not showing when I previously upgraded Icaros. When I changed to version 2.1.5 with a manual installation, the same thing happened UNTIL I restarted explorer.exe. Then the tooltips and property pages worked again. Sorry I didn't think of that earlier.