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RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 02-19-2013

Thanks for the report, ZavierQuixote!

I'm kind of surprised, I hadn't noticed this before. :)
Icaros is not dependent on FFmpeg in this regard. All the property parsers are written from scratch to provide optimal performance.
I looked at the SV8 specifications and they are quite different from the SV7 specs,
so there is no doubt, that Icaros doesn't support this format atm.

However, it shouldn't take long to upgrade the current parser to allow SV8 files as well.
I'll add it to the TODO list. ;)

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 02-19-2013

Here's the official release of 2.2.0.
It's the exact same build as the beta 2 build, so no reason for beta testers to update.

I'm almost finished with the testing of 2.2.1.
I did find one interesting new bug, but I doubt it'll affect many users,
so I wont hold back the beta release because of it.
Stay tuned. :)

[Icaros v.2.2.0]
- Added Avi properties
- Added Real Media properties
- Moved Admin registry settings to HKLM
- Fixed very long names/titles in Flac properties
- Added the Vorbis Comment 'Ensemble' tag to the list of allowed tags
- Added more track definitions (e.g. readable name in place of fourcc)
- Added safeguard to prevent registry backup values from being overwritten
- Implemented several failsafes into the registration routines
- Added Reset functionality to IcarosConfig, that will revert native filetypes back to their default shell extensions
- Fixed Mpeg Com Surrogate error
- Other minor fixes and internal cleanup

Icaros 2.2.0 Installer: Download
Icaros 2.2.0 Portable: Download

Build Notes: Here.

RE: About Icaros - bars - 02-19-2013

(01-22-2013, 06:51 AM)Xanashi Wrote: Thanks for the samples, bars!

And you're right. These files aren't broken, they follow the spec just fine.
Let's just say I've been slightly too presumptuous with some of my parser logic.

I'll see, if I can get it fixed, before the next release is put out.

This will be fixed?

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 02-19-2013

Should all be fixed in the upcoming beta build.

RE: About Icaros - xankazo - 02-19-2013

Installed and everything's good. Seems the only issues I used to have are long gone and forgotten and that's a good thing. Thank you Xanashi. Smile

RE: About Icaros - Lenmaer - 02-20-2013

OK, I got a file where Icaros fails to thumbnail properly; aka green thumbnail.
The file plays properly though.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 02-20-2013

In this beta build, a more generic cover art solution has been implemented, which should work with far more containers.
The MKV property parser should also be much more flexible now (Thanks bars for the samples).

With the above improvements, MKA and MP3 cover art support has been implemented as well, along with MKA properties.
Finally I've added support for some of the most common image formats, by the request of Lenmaer (More info in the release notes).
And then of course the usual bug fixes and overall improvements.

[Icaros v.2.2.1 Beta 1]
- Added support for MP4, M4V etc. Cover Art
- Added BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF thumbnailing
- Added MKA thumbnailing and properties
- Added partial MP3 thumbnailing (including ID3v2.4)
- Fixed parsing of MKV properties in certain files
- Fixed ID3v2 cover parsing in Flac
- Fixed Custom Properties conflict (X-Change PDF)
- Updated FFmpeg

Icaros 2.2.1 Beta 1 Installer: Download
Icaros 2.2.1 Beta 1 Portable: Download

[Release Notes]
The support for common image formats in Icaros should be thought of as an alternative option
to the default native thumbnail provider implementation.

From my testing, it looks like FFmpeg (Icaros) performs slightly slower when decoding and scaling
smaller images, than the MS alternative.
Large/Huge images, on the other hand, is decoded about 6-8 times faster with FFmpeg.

The bug I mentioned in my previous post, is related to the certain huge bitmaps, that I recieved from Lenmaer.
For some odd reason, FFmpeg seems to add a weird green tint to these images, when scaling them.
Investigation will continue after this release.

Partial MP3 thumbnailing? Well... yes and no.
Icaros should now support any kind of embedded cover art in mp3 files, even ID3v2.4 cover art,
which isn't currently supported by the native thumbnail provider.

HOWEVER, the native thumbnail provider has implemented extraordinary support for specific
external covers, created with applications such as WMP.
These external covers are currently not supported in Icaros, thus the partial support.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 02-20-2013

Glad to hear it! And you're welcome ^__^

Hmm... that's definitely an odd encode.
I'll see, what I can do about it.

RE: About Icaros - Lenmaer - 02-21-2013

Tested the new beta.
And I can confirm that BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF thumbnailing works.
And it's really faster on huge image files.
The other positive side note is that explorer doesn't hang anymore when trying to thumbnail a folder that contains many images.

MP3 thumbnailing works also.
Tested the MKA properties, but there may might be a bug there.
[Image: 03699576742a88837568.jpg]

On the screenshot it says chaînes : 2 (stéréo)
but in fact it should be: canaux : 2 (stéréo)
canaux means channels in english

Tested also the M4A covert, that one works too.

But I've a question, shouldn't those be named (overall) bitrate instead of vitesse de transmission (transmission speed)?

[Image: a5a38410629057046777.jpg]
[Image: 380a3864256905251473.jpg]

RE: About Icaros - Lenmaer - 02-21-2013

Found a new bug in the MKV properties.

[Image: 24122507835268249729.jpg]

It shows every subtitle tracks as being JPN.
Tested on several MKVs with different types of subs; vobsub, pgs, srt, ass.
They all show as JPN.