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RE: About Icaros - Lenmaer - 03-08-2013

Tested and the subtitle language properties are working properly again in MKVs and the green thumbnail bug is gone too also. ^^

RE: About Icaros - vis0 - 03-08-2013

Not sure if this reply fits here (as using it on win XP s3) but was directed here by other blog site at the well respected videohelp.

As not to repeat blogs, here is my question as to a seemingly permanent error shown in capture of popup in this LINK.

The popup appears whether i uninstall, reinstalling any version of Icaros.

Still thank you for Icaros its a great masterpiece.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 03-09-2013

Thanks for the confirmations ^__^

Thanks for the kind words.

Your problem shouldn't be too hard to solve, as there are only a few things that could cause such an error.
But before we start troubleshooting, please try the very latest beta build.
It might be enough to solve this problem. :)

RE: About Icaros - bars - 03-13-2013

(02-20-2013, 03:26 PM)Xanashi Wrote: - Fixed parsing of MKV properties in certain files
Again sample ("Icaros doesn't work"):

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 03-13-2013

Thanks for sample, bars.
Fixed it. Should work in the next release.

RE: About Icaros - tmachalski - 03-30-2013

I'm using Icaros for some time now on Win 7, both 32 and 64.
Now I tried Icaros 2.2.0 on Win8 x64.
Thumbnailing works as usual, but properties page does not work for .mkv files. It is present, but empty.

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 03-30-2013

I still haven't gotten Win8 reinstalled, so I can't reproduce the issue atm.
Does the properties not show up for any mkv file on Win8 or does it only affect some?

Please try the latest beta version of Icaros, and let me know if the problem persists.

RE: About Icaros - Shark007 - 03-30-2013

(03-30-2013, 07:20 PM)Xanashi Wrote: I still haven't gotten Win8 reinstalled

Properties of MKV files on 64bit Windows 8 display just fine here.
Although I am using the latest BETA, I know for a fact they was no problem previously either.

RE: About Icaros - HD-False - 04-01-2013

Somehow I do not understand the context between the properties that appear in the Explorer and Icaros?
With me Icaros has no influence:
Or are other "properties" meant?

RE: About Icaros - Xanashi - 04-01-2013


The latter screenshot shows properties provided by Icaros.
The reason why you can see them with Icaros deactivated, is probably because the properties have been cached by Windows.

If you use the 'Details Pane' (in Win7/Win8) or 'Preview Pane' (in Win8), Icaros will also display a lot of other useful information about each file, in Explorer.
All properties provided by Icaros, for a single file, can be seen, if you right-click said file, select Properties, and go to the Details tab.

EDIT: Added screen example (Win7)