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Should I update? - desoto - 03-22-2012

I am using 3.5.6 and it does all I want. I am hesitant to upgrade to 3.5.7 since I have learned that it is best to uninstall before installing new version. If I am having good results with a version, should I continue and to uninstall and upgrade?

RE: update 3.5.7 - Shark007 - 03-22-2012

people that try to fix what is not broken will eventually end up with something that is broken.

On the Help TAB, use the checkbox to disable update checking. (because I release often)

There is a builtin reminder to update once the codec installation is more than 45days old,
you should wait for that message to pop-up before updating.

You should also be aware, updating always involves a full reset of settings.

More information is posted HERE

RE: update 3.5.7 - desoto - 03-22-2012

thanks, it definitely is not broken, in fact, it works great. So, I will stay with 3.5.6.