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A BIG ... THANK YOU !! & Possible 3.3.1b1 Bug?

Hello Xanashi ~

I hope this message finds you doing well.  Once again... a HUGE THANK YOU !!!! ... for the new BETA release !!  I hope you know how much I appreciate all your hard work & dedication - past, present and future - you have given to creating one of the most important tools I have had installed on my desktop for years now!!  I'm sure there are thousands of others out there that feel the same way.   I'll be making a donation on my next payday, and I'd encourage anyone else who is reading this & uses Icaros - it's well deserved !!  By the way, Icaros has been running *very very* smooth - seriously, not a single issue, since I installed the last version. Just awesome !!

With that said... now... on to a possible bug I'd like to report (sorry, I wasn't purposely looking for a bug - it just happened !!).  I'm currently running the v3.3.1 Beta 1 - and I noticed a significant difference in the <file count/cache file size> from this version to the last (v3.3.0 Final).  I've attached screenshots, so it should be pretty self explanatory.  Any questions, or debugging help I can provide, of course, let me know.  Also, this is nothing that is causing an issue for me, at least not yet.  I haven't noticed anything abnormal in the program - no errors, no crashes, etc. I just happened to check the new cache directory and noted the significant increase in cache size.

Question:  The reason I decided to "start from scratch" by setting a new cache directory in Icaros is because of an all new network drive mapping structure that I've implemented on my network.  Old drive mappings to folders with thousands of movies & youtube download/upload videos are gone.  How does Icaros & it's cache handle events like this - when a thumbnail for a certain video is not longer located at Y:\aaaaa\bbbbb\ccccc.. but it's now at Z:\ddddd\eeee\ff\ ???  Does it just create a new entry for the new location of that video and the old one still lingers in the cache even though it's now dead ?  In fear that the cache has gotten "dirty" - I decided to just let it start from scratch.  Is starting from scratch when there's significant remaps a good idea ?  And know, I'm not suggesting/asking for some kind of dead link cleanup enhancement - that could be a small nightmare I would think - I'm going with just "reseting" Icaros every once in a while.

Again, many thanks for Icaros !


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Xanashi ~

So, I did a little further triage on my end here.  FYI:  The large file count & cache size in < 10 hours is because I had loaded 2 folders with the most often used video clip by myself and team into Tools -> Debug & ran it.

I did 2 additional tests:

TEST 1 with v3.3.1 BETA 1
I re-installed this release on my pc.  I set the cache to a new directory and ran the same 2 folders through Debug.  Resulted in similar file count and cache file size as previously shown.

TEST 2 with v3.3.0
I uninstalled the recent BETA, and Installed the previous production release.  Ran the same tests, and the results matched what this BETA release had shown-similar file count with approx 12 GB Cache file size. 

See attached pic.  Maybe everything is running as it should, and perhaps the issue was a somehow corrupted cache from running the previous version for so long ??

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Again, just to mention - none of this is causing an issue from what I can tell with the app.
Matt R

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