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Conflicting MKV settings - Best of Both?


On Win10 - I'm running into a conflicting issue between watching MKV HDR Movies on the Movies & TV App vs. subtitled MKV Shows using the Windows Media Player ( 12.0.19041.1 ).

Having the Disable Media Foundation for MKV unchecked in the 64-Bit Settings Application allows me to watch HDR Movies in the Movies & TV App but will cause the loss of Subtitles in the WMP.
With the Disable Media Foundation for MKV checked it's exactly the other way around - HDR Movies cannot be played anymore prompting an error, but Subtitles will again be played in the WMP.

Is there a way to have both work at the same time?

  • is there a way to play HDR Movies in the Windows Media Player with HDR actually showing?
    As of now it doesn't ( noticeably less saturated than in the Movies & TV App - Typical nVidia RTX on/off effect ?).
  • is there a way to have Subtitles automatically be active in the Movies & TV App?
    The VAST majority of what I'm watching are subtitled Animes and manually turning them on in the App is getting old fast hence why I'm using the WMP for those where they're being displayed automatically.

Am I missing something? ?
Thanks in Advance!

You'd have to install the (preconfigured) MPC-BE player from my Tools page
and use that for all your viewing to have everything working in a single player.

Hmm... Not the solution I was hoping for, but beggars can't be choosers - Much appreciated!

I assume this is just a player and as such will still require a Codec Pac to read/run those files?

The download I directed you to also includes a bundled hdr renderer.

As downloaded, it would rely on the codecpack for splitters and decoders
but it does have internal splitters and decoders that can be enabled forgoing the codecpack.

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