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Issues with x64 WMP/WMC (Win10)

Discovered a few things since fresh installing shark007 advanced

EDIT: Just tested WMC with a folder containing WMVs and the seek issue is there as well. This might not be related to the codec pack at all. Will look into why WMC when installed in Win10 loses seek
  • Windows Media Center cant seek any video files. The files play but no seeking or FF/REW
  • WMC and WMP 64-bit have no sound when playing mp4 files. In systray no splitter icon is showing, only LAV video (EDIT: this was my bad. I enabled AC3Filter and forgot to disable SPDIF)
  • WMP 32-bit runs everything fine

This is on Windows 10 LTSC 1809

I have the same issues here with WMV is left to native handling.
Open the 64bit App and go to the WMV tab.
Uncheck the top box and test like that.

As you can see, there are still the Windows DMO codecs that can be disabled.
But this may not be needed.

Upon a whole lot of trial and error testing I discovered that - in WMC - if I:
- Play a video
- Stop it
- Play it again

The playback bar can be dragged with the mouse, lay time is no longer 0:00 and I can seek / rewind / ff. The seek bar doesn't track playback time, it sort of stays frozen where it is. You can drag it to skip through a video but it no longer "plays" or tracks current playback time.

Only repeating the above steps once makes the seek bar semi functional for the duration I have WMC running. Once I close it and open it again the issue returns

I am testing in 64bit WMP on Windows 11.
I do not have any WMC installations since it was deprecated by Microsoft when they released Windows 10.

If your issues are reproducible in 64bit WMP, I'll look into it further.

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