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Loss of Bitstreaming after Sleep

I have a fairly straight forward setup, using the Advanced codec pack to provide h.265 support, and audio splitting on my movie files, each of which have two audio tracks , AAC and AC3.  My preference on my media PCs is to hear the AC3 track.

I use the WMP preferred settings and initially this works fine, with LAV selecting the preferred audio track and bitstreaming to my output device (Home Theatre setup).  Over time I realised this setup stopped working with LAV selecting the AAC track.  I have now confirmed this happens when the device is put into and returns from sleep mode.

To rectify the problem the player (Windows Media Center) needs to be closed and restarted.  (Note this is addition to the fact that it is automatically shutdown/restarted on resume from sleep).

Are you able to advise on this problem and suggest any solutions or automated workaround?


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Loss of Bitstreaming after Sleep - by BewickPlace - 11-06-2022, 02:30 PM

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