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Loss of Bitstreaming after Sleep

(11-06-2022, 02:45 PM)Shark007 Wrote: An immediate fix
With the file playing, rightclick the white LAV tray icon and select the audio track you prefer

A permanent fix
use mkvtoolnix to setup the audio  tracks as you want (delete a track - set default ?) - then chose to 'start multiplexing'

Thanks for your quick response.  Whilst I understand the suggested fixes, neither is a long term solution to me as firstly I am using a WMC interface so the immediate fix isn't available from the main interface and the permanent fix requires me to change the files which is not in my remit.

As the LAV splitter works selecting the best quality audio (AC3) prior to S3 sleep, I was hoping this would be a programatic solution to fix whatever (missing?) setting is causing the wrong track selection after return from sleep.  The fact that it corrects itself if I restart WMC suggests to me this could be a timing related issue.


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