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New Release: 3.3.2 Final

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We're closing in on the end of the year and I somehow managed to get out one more 2023 release of Icaros.
This time I'm skipping the Beta phase, as I don't believe any of the changes will cause any regressions.
Check the changelog for all the details.

I hope you've all had a wonderful fall, and as always thank you all so much for the donations,
troubleshooting and help with the translations! ❤️

I hope you all enjoy the new release!

[Image: total?color=%232B6870&label=DOWNLOADS&st...-the-badge]


[Icaros v.3.3.2 Final]

- Added partial support for HEIF/HEIC thumbnailing
- Added support for parsing iTunes tags in MOV/MP4 files (Make, Model and GPS)
- Added support for parsing the Keywords, Director and Producer tags in MKV
- Fixed not being able to set the Icaros Cache location on a FAT, FAT32 or ExFAT drive
- Fixed failing to read properties of certain MOV/MP4 files
- Fixed wrong duration and bitrate showing for OGG-Opus/Opus files
- Fixed long path files not working when debugging with 'Properties via Explorer'
- Fixed 'Max Cache Size' or 'Min Free Space' not working in the Indexer immediately after setting
- Added Russian installer localization (Thank you Долматов and Ligre! ^__^)
- Updated French localization (Thank you rico.sos! ^__^)
- Replaced Flattr with Ko-fi donation link
- Updated LibDav1d to 1.3.0
- Updated GCC
- Updated FFmpeg

Icaros 3.3.2 Final Installer: Download
Icaros 3.3.2 Final Portable: Download

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