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Shark007 codecs prevent Microsoft Flight Similator from starting (black screen)

I recently purchased Microsoft Flight Similator, but when first starting it, I got nothing but a white circle in the bottom right corner and an otherwise black screen. In researching this issue, the solution for some seemed to be to add a —faststart option, which supposedly prevents certain intro videos (like the Xbox logo) from playing. And that got me thinking about codecs.

With the WMP suggested settings ticked, the game does not start. With it unticked, it starts. In playing around with settings, it seems the issue is specifically disabling media foundation for MP4. When that option is unselected, but all other WMP settings left the same, the game appears to work fine.

In current releases, the default setting is for that box to be unchecked.
If your release is current, using the [Reset ALL] button would also uncheck it.

But is it desirable to check the box or not? Like, what wouldn’t work as well with it unchecked?

When checked, it breaks playback in the Movies & TV App and causes errors in the Microsoft Store.
These are reasons enough for it to be unchecked by default.

If the above 2 things do not bother you, and you use WMP for playback, then check the box.

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