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VSfilter error

Hi Shark,

I don't remember exactly when it started, but i got vsfilter giving me an unspecified error on external srt subtitles for a while now.
The funny thing is, the subtitles are there during the playtime of the movie, but i got no access to options or any info.
I was hoping it would fix itself, but it seems to persist.
Where you aware of this, and is there anything you can do about this?
Because i prefer vsfilter over the internal subtitler.

Watte.[img][Image: kah9Ip7.png][/img]

Go to the help tab and uncheck the box for auto-update.
A different VSFilter will be installed fixing the issue.

Thanks Shark,

That did the trick, vsfilter is working fine again.

Have a nice day, and be save.

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