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Windows Explorer to Browser Opening Error

(04-02-2022, 04:05 AM)AUser229182 Wrote: Hi,

Prior to installing Icaros, I could drag a .webp image to Firefox to open the image.  Now, it says an error has occurred and does not elaborate ["*location; filename* could not be opened, because an unknown error occurred."]  I had already opened specific files that way just before installing so I know it has always worked.  Is there a way to restore that feature and have both Icaros and that method work together?  At least with that method, I may not have had thumbnails, but now I do have thumbnails and no other way to view the image as Windows Photos and Photo Viewer will not open the files.

Thank you for any help and suggestions!   Big Grin


Icaros really shouldn't have any impact on whether or not a program or browser can open a specific filetype. 
Are you sure Icaros have anything to do with this issue? Does it work if you deactivate Icaros?
Maybe try updating Firefox?

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