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32 bit and 64 bit - Jonotallica - 06-22-2021


I've been using Shark codecs for the last few years without problem.  It's curious to see that MPC-BE is suggested in the Tools part, I've also been using this for the last few years.  They work great together.

The version I'd been using up until now was a 2018 version, and it was an installer of the 64 bit version.  I never updated because I was so happy with everything.

Now I'm building a new system and I'm seeing the option of 2021 version being 64 bit portable.. or a combined installer version of 32 bit and 64 bit.  I can't find any 64 bit installer version anymore.

Just wondering if you could explain the change, and what are the implications of this?  For example, what is the advantage for downloading and installing the combined version.  Compared to the portable 64 bit version.  I've been using the 64 bit version for the last few years and haven't had any problems with the lack of a 32 bit version.

Just wondering what the advantages or disadvantages of this are?  Is it when 32 bit media players are used or is it something else?

Also, I install MediaInfo Lite independently, will this pack install it's own version or ignore it, if MediaInfo Lite is already installed?  I can't remember if it installs it's own version or not.  The only reason I ask this is because I run my own custom context menu for MediaInfo.  I'm pretty sure that MPC-BE has it's own version of MediaInfo internally and this doesn't interfere but just figured I'd ask.

I really enjoy this pack, it's been great over the years.


RE: 32 bit and 64 bit - Shark007 - 06-22-2021

The 64bit standalone installer was discontinued because all it gave you over the portable version was an uninstaller.
It is my opinion that if a user was savvy enough to use the standalone 64bit installer in the 1st place,
they'd be more than happy with the portable version. Its a clean and concise solution.

MediaInfo Lite's existence is of no consequence to using my software.
The information provided by MediaInfo Lite is inferior to the information displayed when using the button on the Misc tab to [Analyze a media file] (which also uses the MediaInfo DLL)