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Wishing You and Yours a Happy New Year !!! - Mrantz - 01-05-2022

Hey Everyone  !!!  How about this for a change.  I'm posting up a thread here, not to comment on a bug in Icaros, or provide some form of feedback (whether that be negative or positive), or to volunteer some one else's time (Xanashi's) and hard work (Xanashi's) and request a new feature be added to an already GREAT software package.  Adding to that the fact that that I get to use Icaros for, basically free, except for a couple small donations I've sent to Xanashi to say thanks for all the work.  I'm sure I speak for everyone who stops by here to read this, and uses Icaros,  that we all could agree on this... that if we doubled or tripled our donations we might be getting close to a retail price for a piece of software like this sold online.

So, with that said... I wish everyone in here, and especially Xanashi a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!!

Xanashi - I stop by here once and a while to see if there are any updates to download, or if there might someones posted question I might be able to answer.  The last couple times, I've haven't noticed any new posts from you with any developments or ideas on any future developments, etc. And I say that, obviously, your forum, your choice and I'm *not* calling you out on this, that not the reason.  I'm posting this because, as I was about to log back out, it dawned on me, that I wonder why none of us have taken note of this, and have taken a minute to write a short message here and just to say.... "Hey... I (or.. we.. if I can speak on behalf of all Icaros users) all hope you're doing ok, and staying healthy and staying well, and staying SANE in these crazy times of COVID, COVID, COVID + everything else !!!!" and to say thanks again for all the hard work on Icaros - every single day does such a great job for me.  So, that's it.  No request, no complaints, and no bugs to report... just wishing you and everyone else here the Very Best in this New Year !!

Matt R.