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Command Line options - SharkAdmin - 08-10-2020

To expand your knowledge of available commandline options starting with, Settings64.exe 1strun to close the Application.
each of the available command line entries needs to be a single directive.
Commandline options cannot be combined.

These commandline options all must be run with the App closed. It will auto-close after applying each one.
reset - same as pressing [RESET ALL]  (the app will close after applying this setting)
restore - needs to be applied with the app closed and will close the app after applying the restored settings
uninstall - its a done deal, no user input but there are visuals (it is also the default uninstall feature of the app and Windows itself uses it too)

The restore settings include all possible options my GUI allows access to, directly and indirectly,
by opening another GUI such as a LAV setting. It also includes screen positioning and background color.
It will also setup any other user accounts on the system to these saved settings.

You should know about the file, .\Tools\user.jpg - my frontage and the Setup and usage page explains it

Information about the stored  files for settings restoration.
files are found in the following locations;
X64Components - any version, C:\ProgramData\Shark007\settings\**files**
32bit Advanced, C:\ProgramData\Advanced\settings\**files**
32bit Standard, C:\ProgramData\Standard\settings\**files**
Standard = 3 reg files and an ini file - Advanced = 5 reg files and an ini  file
setting the x,y positions in the inifile to -1 would center it on the screen. 0 would be top left.

The restoration feature can be automated.
If the files exist in their proper location during installation, and were saved with the [x] Restore automatically tag
they will be used to restore your preferred settings during the installation setup feature.

To use these saved files without auto-restore occuring, do not save them with the auto-restore tag.
On a clean OS install, use the 1strun commandline to close the App.
Then use the restore commandline to apply your settings.
This would also be handy for a System Administrator to 1st send out a reset and then a restore command to fully reset faulty systems.