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Bug Report(s) - PedEchsing - 02-27-2021

Win10 x86 & 64 chocolatly install and uninstall
Can't choco-gui install on either x86 or 64 and can't choco-gui uninstall then re-install on x86.
Have choco-installed Mega Codec pack on both computers.
DON'T have a copy of the errors...can't find them.
I just re-tried to install x64, failed. Couldn't copy the page. Wherever I could find logs, no go.

Second bug(?)
WHY!?! do we have to have an account to report bugs?!?
Sure, your time's valuable, and you do this for FREE.
But so's my time.

Thanx for letting me vent.
Tod White

RE: Bug Report(s) - Shark007 - 02-27-2021

Forget Choco and use the Portable Codecs - https://shark007.net/advanced.html
Direct download links are found above the MajorGeek Links.

Part 2 of your question
The amount of spam that would be on the forum if it was open would be untraversable.

If you're looking for silent setup and control...
Commanline options work the same for portable or installer versions