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Icaros Crashing - gundamboyzack - 05-02-2021

Running Icaros 3.2.0, Windows 10 20H2 x64, Icaros x86 and x64 extensions installed.
When building/rebuilding the cache, the application will crash after a while.  Unsure of the issue, other than the other bug I saw in regards to a >4GB cache file (Icaros reports >45k files to be indexed when it first starts).  
Event Viewer crash log and .dmp zipped and attached for reference.

RE: Icaros Crashing - gundamboyzack - 05-21-2021

Update on this issue after updating to 3.2.1...confirmed the issue to be the cache limit, as now Icaros doesn't complete building the cache (but doesn't crash) and the cache file is exactly 4.0 GB.