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Can't get thumbnail offset to work

If I'm understanding how thumbnail offset works (wherever the slider is is where in the video the thumbnail is taken from) then it doesn't seem to be working for me on the latest release.

Is there some other setting that needs to be changed elsewhere in the app to get the thumbnail offset to work?

127 views and zero replies. Thanks guys.

Hi mountainstarlight

A bit late with an answer, but hope it helps anyway!

The offset option works as you described, to an extend.

When using the "Thumbnail offset" option, Icaros also uses the default ffmpeg seeking, which usually seeks to the nearest keyframe around the estimated timestamp.
Depending on the container used (MP4/MKV/AVI etc), and whether or not the file has an index, it varies greatly how accurate the seeking will be, but with most modern containers,
it's usually quite close to original timestamp.

If you have "Enable black/white frame detection" set, that could cause Icaros to go further into the video to find a more viable frame, if the first one it finds, is either very dark or light.

If you use the "Prefer Timestamp" option, the returned thumbnail will be more accurately fetched, but this can in some cases slow down the thumbnailing speed of Icaros.
Of course, prefer timestamp also doesn't allow you to seek to a specific percentage in the movie, so there's that.

Finally, every time you change the offset options, you need to clear your thumbnail cache to see the changes in your thumbnails.
You can clear your Windows thumbnail cache via the "Disk Cleanup" app (search for it in windows). 
If you're using the Icaros Cache, this needs to be cleared as well. 

If you wish to refresh just a few thumbnails, you can drag n drop the files onto the "Thumbnailing page" in IcarosConfig.
That will refresh these files in both caches right away, and instantly upate the thumbnails.

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