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Command Line options

usage format: x:\fullpathto\Settings64.exe reset
usage format: x:\fullpathto\Settings64_portable.exe restore

These commandline options all must be run with the App closed. It will auto-close after applying each one.
reset - same as pressing [RESET ALL]  (the app will close after applying this setting)
uninstall - its a done deal, no user input but there are visuals (it is also the default uninstall feature of the app and Windows itself uses it too)
restore - needs to be applied with the app closed
users - transfer ALL settings to ALL users of the current system.

The restore settings include all possible options my GUI allows access to, directly and indirectly,
by opening another GUI such as a LAV setting. It also includes screen positioning and background color.
It also includes the users directive to setup any other user accounts on the system to the saved settings. 

Information about the stored  files for settings restoration.
files are found in the following locations;
X64Components - any version, C:\ProgramData\Shark007\settings\**files**
Advanced = 5 reg files and an ini  file
If any reg files are missing, it just means that default settings of that software are being used.
setting the x,y positions in the inifile to -1 would center it on the screen. 0 would be top left.

The restoration feature can be automated.
If the files exist in their proper location during installation, and were saved with the [x] Restore automatically tag
they will be used to restore your preferred settings during the installation setup feature or by running the portable app for the 1st time.

To use these saved files without auto-restore occuring, do not save them with the auto-restore tag.
On a clean OS install, use the 1strun commandline to close the App.

All of these functions mentioned above also apply to the Portable Codec solutions. (no installer, just place the package where ever you want them)
Using the portable codec release, simply extract and place the package onto the target system, by including the saved settings. it is automatically setup.

All Portable releases have a new feature!
An option to move the configuration settings to the Application folder.

The ini along with the saved configuration files can be relocated to the Application folder. Look on the Config TAB.
When clicking to use the Application folder, ini_loc.txt is created and subsequently used by the App for restore features.
As long as ini_loc.txt is located in the Application folder, that location will be used for the configuration files.

Suggested setup for Deployment.
On any computer, start the Application.
Make any changes your deployment will require, such as disabling subtitles or whatever.
On the Config TAB, set the location of saved files to the Application folder.
On the Misc TAB, choose Save ALL Settings
Close the Application.
In the Application folder, delete the settings??.ini file.
The next time the Application is started without this ini file, it will automatically setup everything as it was when you Saved ALL Settings.
The Codecs folder is ready for deployment.

Of interest to system admins, there is a new feature that tracks failed silent updates.
It is found in the upper left of the Help TAB
A successful update check will also reset the tracking.

A new feature recently added is Launcher64.exe silent
This will perform conflict detection and removal before performing the update.

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