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Green screen when playing x265 content

ok I opened the Win32 settings and did a Reset All then Deactivated the Windows Decoder the same as you had me to do for the 64bit one and i'm still getting the same issue.

im not sure why the 720p episode works fine but the 1080p movies don't Sad

Are you using current video drivers?
If you only have the Microsoft installed drivers, that would be the issue.

its definitely using the LAV decoders because if I look in the system tray when I start the movie its showing LAVSplitter, LAVVideo decoder and LAVAudio decoder and DirectVobSub. They all disappear as soon as I stop the playback.

If LAV is active, then it must be the video drivers.
Try installing anything current for your device.

ok I've just checked and I have the latest driver that is available from Intel already installed for the NUC5i3RYH.

nothing with the video driver changed today. the only thing that changed was I uninstalled the 9.90 installed version and moved to the standard portable versions which I got from your website. After that it all turned pear shaped and I started getting this green screen issue.

Maybe I should uninstall these portable versions and try installing the 9.90 again? I still have the installation executable on my PC here.

We've gotten no where so trying the old install is worth a try.
Current installers are pretty well identical to the portables other than providing an uninstaller.

I do have Win8 with Media Center on an old laptop.
I can fire that up for further testing later today. (if I have to)

ok I installed back the old 9.90 and did a reset all on that and the green screen goes away. Ive got a slight audio sync issue but at least I can see what im watching now.

any idea what the diff between the 9.90 installed and the 11.53 portable is that might be causing this?

The Audio issue can be solved by choosing to disable the Microsoft Audio decoder.
Check back in an hour or so. Give me a chance to fire up Win8 and do some actual testing.

(07-12-2021, 07:36 AM)Shark007 Wrote: Check back in an hour or so. Give me a chance to fire up Win8 and do some actual testing.

I could not reproduce your issue.
Everything worked as expected for me using Win8 Media Center.

I wonder if a reboot of your system after uninstalling version 9.x could be the fix for you.

thanks mate ill give this a go today and let you know.. at least I know I can go back to 9.90 if things stuff up again

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