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It seems don't read cache

When file explorer lost it's cache. Every time it looks like the cache is regenerated slowly.
Even if the file have it's cache already. But it will generate a new one in icaros?.

I tried to clean the cache of explorer in icaros and restart the explorer
But it can't reproduced now.(It's a folder that only have 4 small mp4 file , when it happens I can see thumbnails come out slowly)

But I remember it happened at least twice when the explorer's cache is naturally losted. Then the old file that have thumbnail in icaros won't be loaded from the icaros but looks like icaros is regenerate the cache.

Now in another folder I find it always have slow loading. I can even capture a picture if I hit it fast.
(It's a folder have some folders and inside is some pictures that won't be cached in icaros)
At the root of this folder it have some pictures and some videos.

Looks when system is generating the picture's cache the creating of thumbnails of video is blocked?
Or the loading the cache is blocked?

This look like two different problem.

I'm using win7 x64 & icaros v3.2.1

I'll write my observe here.
The system's cache is around 160mb. It's not lost yet. I think maybe when it >256m it will automatically reset.
Now I have not meet that problem because the sys's cache is intact.
(Now all the thumbnails loads instently. I think it's even <0.1s. e.g 40thumbnails all loads instently under <0.1s time.
So in future if I see thumbnails is shown one by one.(e.g they show up one by one but fastly. let's say 0.1s for one. So they are not load parallelly) 
Then it's regenerating thumbnails.
But I think they always load slower if I manually reset the explorer's cache. So it doesn't matter whether it's resetted automatic or manually)

on #1 I think I can't reproduce it . Maybe it's because my number of test thumbnail is not much. 
And they are regenerating fastly so I think they are loading from cache but it's not.
IDK why for some videos it create thumbnails fastly but not always.

When it got reset I think the problem will re-appear.

Hi do you have a debug log mode that record cache load / write?


I find if I click run all the test will have very fast load time
But if I click those single file to test then it will be longer. (If you clicked the runall before then it's not work. test it again.
run another icaros and drag folder into it. Then run another icaros to clean explorer's cache. Restart the explorer then start test.)

If I test with icaros firstly it shows load from cache with latency 1-5ms. or 0.x ms.
But then I test those same file singlely via explorer. It shows the load time become 80-100ms max.

Is it a bug in debug mode?

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