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Launcher64 - Cannot locate server

Hello. I downloaded Shark007Codecs:
- I run Launcher64
- The window "64-Bit Settings Application - version 18.0.9 Portable" opens
- A few second later I get a pop-up window that says:
Cannot locate server
The update server is not available at this time. Please try again later.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

To stop the message, go to the Help TAB and check the box
[x] Disable/Cancel AutoiUpdate

For what ever reason, the Application is not capable of getting onto the internet.
If I were to guess; some kind of firewall is blocking AutoUpdate.exe

Thank you for the very quick reply!

So, are you saying that Launcher64.exe doesn't need a connection with the server to install the updated codecs the first time around? I.e. it needs the connection with the server only for the AutoUpdate feature?

BTW, I tried to run Launcher64.exe with the firewall disabled and I still get the 'Cannot locate server' error message. Mystery. With that said, this is not a big issue if I can get around it by regularly downloading and installing the most recent Shark007 Codecs file.

Unrelated question (happy to open a separate post). In Windows Uninstall, I have an entry for Shark007 STANDARD Codecs, version 8.4.9. I tried to uninstall it but I get the message:
Error 1402. Could not open key:
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.
I am the administrator so not sure what this means but - is this an issue? I don't see Shark007 STANDARD Codecs anywhere else (Programs, Taskbar) and the codecs seem to be working OK so not sure I need to worry about this.

Finally, I just made a donation. Thanks for all of your great work over the years!

AutoUpdate.exe is the only distributed file that is looking to get onto the internet (for obvious reasons).

About the STANDARD Codecs in uninstall, download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
To install that utility, rightclick the downloaded file and choose run as Administrator
After install, browse the start menu for Windows Install Clean Up and run it.
Find the STANDARD Codecs in the list and remove it.

Your donation is appreciated. Thank You.

Thank you!
As you recommend, I run Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to remove STANDARD Codecs. Now it no longer shows up in Windows Installer CleanUp Utility - but it is still present in the standard Windows Uninstall feature. Also, the Shark007 folder + files are still present in C:\Program Files (x86).
Can I disregard, in your opinion, or do I need to so something about it? Thanks.

Try this to get it out of the uninstall feature. . .
In the Address Bar of Windows Explorer, copy/paste the following and press enter
msiexec.exe /uninstall {898E81AD-6DB9-4750-866B-B8958C5DC7AA} /QB

Thanks. When I do as you suggest, a "Windows Installer" window pops up with the message "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed."

So, I tried all of the 'nice' ways of removing that
attached is a registry file, which, when double clicked, will remove the uninstaller information.
Next, you can just delete the folder in \program files(x86)

.reg   remove.reg (Size: 338 bytes / Downloads: 57)

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