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New Release: 3.2.1 Final

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This time around there are so many fixes/improvements/features under way, I've decided to split them up into 3 builds:

1. The first build, which I'm going to release today, will primarily contain important bug fixes.
Since it's basically only bug fixes, I'm going to release it as a final build, so most users can benefit from
these fixes straight away.

2. The second build will contain a large Cache upgrade, with several fixes and improvements to the Icaros Cache.
Among them, a fix for the current 4GB limitation, making the cache size more or less unlimited.
(The build released today will also prevent this from causing a crash).
This build will be released as a beta, since there is a lot of new changes in this one.

3. The last build will contain new features, that are about 97% done right now.
This will be the second beta, also containing the changes from the previous builds, but by releasing it
separately, it will allow me to more easily figure out what builds are potentially introducing new bugs.

The last two builds still need some more testing on my end, but I'll try to get them out soon.

Everyone has been really incredible with feedback, help with troubleshooting and donations these past 2 months.
Thank you all so much!

I hope you all enjoy the new release! ^__^


[Icaros v.3.2.1 Final]

- Added Cancel functionality to the Debug Page
- Fixed AV1 crash on x86 Windows and in x86 processes
- Fixed hang on x86 Windows mostly affecting UNC paths
- Fixed rare event log error in x86 processes
- Fixed Property Handler crash with some files that had a duration of 0
- Fixed Icaros Cache crash and reset (a proper fix will be included in next release)
- Fixed Cover Art not showing on Windows 7 and Vista
- Fixed Settings Import not working with unicode
- Fixed Windows Cache Size not showing the correct size on the Tools Page
- IcarosConfig now saves the size of the Activation Panel
- Updated LibDav1d to 0.8.2

Icaros 3.2.1 Final Installer: Download
Icaros 3.2.1 Final Portable: Download

Issue Tracker


Thank you for such a quick update. I would like to repeat my report from last time about a minor issue. ODT (Open Document) files suffer from the same problem like EPUBs before you fixed it: Icaros takes the alphabetically first image to render the thumbnail (ie a random picture from the document). In all my few ODT files, the correct thumbnail image resides under Thumbnails\thumbnail.png within the ODT file.

This might be a bizarre point, but have you thought about expanding the property handler to include support for JPEG XL (jxl) files? I suggest that this would be a rather long-term idea. There are two thumbnail handler available for JXL files, but none of them displays image properties like resolution. Given that JXL allows to store animation content it would fit into Icaros.

This post wasn't meant as nagging, but to help you to further improve your (truly professional) work. I will not make another post with these suggestions. Thank you.

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Great release! Thanks.

This bug has not been fixed?

Thanks for the build... will download and give it a go..!


Thank you for the release. 

Is there anyway to upload the release to say GitHub releases or another service with stable URLs? The mediafire links are non-static and do not work with services that need to verify file-hashes since the download links are auto-generated. This is preventing my submission to the winget community repository https://github.com/microsoft/winget-pkgs.

Great trying it now!


Hello Xanashi -

Thank you for yet another great release !!!!

Been running 3.2.1 FINAL.  1) The Cache > 4 MB fix that you have put in seems to be working just fine.  I'm at 4.14 MB so far, and no crashes and no resets.  2) WOW - The thumbnail retrieval seems to be WAY FASTER !!!  I use Search Everything for quick indexing of files.  I have a lot of bookmarks set for certain searches that I do often.  It used to take a few seconds at least when I would pull up a bookmark for the thumbnails to display.  Now, the thumbnails are displayed almost instantly !!Anything else comes up I'll let you know, otherwise, looks great so far !!!!!

Matt R.

Thanks for your work on Icaros.
Hoping you'll come out soon with the next stage that kills the 4GB limit.
It's amazing how fast you can hit it. Shy

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