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New Release: 3.3.0 Beta 1

Hi Everyone,

I'm incredibly sorry for the long wait for a new release and the very lacking support this past year.
Last fall I had a rough mental collapse and I am still in recovery.

To everyone that has reported bugs and given feedback, I sincerely apologize for not getting back to you,
and I really appreciate your time and support in the pursuit to make Icaros a better software.

To everyone who has donated and helped out with translations, you're all amazing too! <3
The final combined donations received in 2021 was: $449. Thank you so much! <3

The good news is that the development of Icaros hasn't stopped at all, and today I'm going to release
2 new builds with all the changes, that I've been working on this past year. And I still have more under way.

I decided to put out 2 releases today, to make it easier for me to debug potential new bugs,
however the second release will contain all changes from the first release as well. So for users that are
just interested in trying out all the latest changes, you should simply grab the second build.
Both builds contain changes that are incompatible with previous builds of Icaros, so make sure to read
the notes below each release before installing.

I hope you all enjoy the new releases!

Check out the todays second release here:


[Icaros v.3.3.0 Beta 1]

- Added support for MP4 properties (incl. mov, 3gp, 3g2, mj2, psp, m4b, ism, ismv, f4v, m4a, isma)
- Added partial support for AVIF thumbnailing
- Added thumbnailing of AI files with an embedded image
- Added thumbnailing of PDF files with an embedded image
- Added OGA, WEBMV and WEBMA properties
- Improved cover selection logic of CBZ/CBR/CB7/EPUB files
- Fixed thumbnailing of Dolby Vision HEVC streams (dvhe)
- Fixed cache crash when caching very small image thumbnails
- Fixed rare Explorer hang on specific files
- Automatically undo registry block placed by other software, that prevented Icaros from working
- Disable the 'Icons Only' folder setting when enabling thumbnailing
- Register OGA as an audio filetype
- Explorer settings that have been modified by Icaros is now reverted during uninstall
- All MP4 properties are disabled by default (As the native Windows handler allows editing of properties)
- MP3 properties are now disabled by default
- Sidepanel position is now remembered in IcarosConfig
- Updated localizations (Simplified Chinese)  (Thank you ZerOri!)
- Updated LibDav1d to 0.9.2
- Updated Unarr to 1.1.0 Beta
- Updated FFmpeg
- Updated VS, donations amount and copyright
- Additional minor fixes and improvements

NOTE: If you decide to downgrade from this release, please note that your property settings in Icaros
will be reset back to the default values, and will need to be set again.

Icaros 3.3.0 Beta 1 Installer: Download
Icaros 3.3.0 Beta 1 Portable: Download

Issue Tracker

[Developer Notes]
This is for developers that manages Icaros' property filetypes from thier own interface.

With this release I've changed the way Icaros' property settings are stored in the registry.
Some new features required Icaros to be able to detect what properties was available in a users
previously installed build, and that wasn't possible with the current setup.

The new way the property settings are stored in the registry is the following:


A "Property" key with a dword value for each filetype. The value name is the filetypes extension.
If the value is set to 1 the filetype is enabled. 0 for disabled.

Icaros will automatically generate this list if it does not already exist, during registration/unregistration.
The list is generated with default values for each filetype.
If the "Excluded Properties" value exists, Icaros will disable these filetypes in the new list, and then remove
the "Excluded Properties" value.
If a filetype is missing from the list, Icaros will automatically add it with its default value.

Please send me a mail (xanashi at gmail) if you have any questions about this change.

Hey Xanashi,
Thank you very much for the new build. I really appreciate your work Smile
Just wow for all the new features of build 3.3.0 Beta 1

I hope you are doing well soon. Trust me I know about stuff like this.

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