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No video reel border on vertical mp4's

Hello -

I've recently noticed that when viewing the thumbnails of video files, some of them did not have the video reel border around them, despite having it selected in Icaros.  I could identify what the issue was at first, but a quick google search, I found *only* 1 other person inquiring about the same issue, and they resolved it down to all vertical .mp4 files are the ones that are missing the border. That person also states that this isn't an issue in Windows 7.  Since I don't have a Windows 7 here to test that, I can not confirm.  Here is the link to that user's post:

Link - tinyurl replaced by Shark007 (I dont trust those damn tiny links; you never know where you're going to end up)

I thought I might pass this along to you and see if you have any idea of what is causing this in Windows 10 (I'm on the very latest release of Win 10) - and if there are any solutions to this - inside or outside of Icaros ??  I realize this might be out of the scope of what Icaros is intended to do, or correct for in Windows, but I thought I would check with you.

Matt R.

PS... I just wanted to give you a big shout of THANK YOU !!!! for all the time and effort that you have put into this application.  I have been using it and relying on Icaros for a couple years now, and both your application and your time and commitment to it's development have been outstanding.  It's worked great for me, and I'm always checking every couples months or so for any updates - because I don't want to miss out !!!  I'm embarrassed to say that I've haven't made a donation, because of budget not because I don't appreciate your work. HOWEVER .... since I've taken the time to ask you this question and to say thanks, I'm making a donation here shortly.  In full disclosure, I want to be clear that my donation is not a bribe to get you to resolve this question - I'm just saying thanks !! LOL Big Grin .

Hi Matt,

The video reel border is applied to the thumbnail by the Windows Shell (File Explorer), so the "no borders on vertical thumbnails" is unfortunately by design and can't be configured in Windows.
It happens to all videos where the aspect ratio is 1:1 (sqaure) or the width is smaller than the height of the video.

When all that is said and done, I could add black or transparent borders to the thumbnails making their width greater than their height, tricking Explorer into adding the video reel adornment.
I could look into making this an option in Icaros. The image in the thumbnail would become quite small of course, and I'm not sure if that is the desired effect you're looking for?

I really really appreciate all the kind words! It truly means a lot to me, knowing people like you use and enjoy Icaros!
And don't worry about donating. Please use the money on yourself if your budget is tight! Your support and words are more than enough for me. ;)

Xanashi -

Hey, thanks for getting back to me on this.  No need to try to do a workaround to add the reel border to these vertical MP4's (at least for me).  For whatever reason, I've only noticed them the last month or so, and it's not causing an issue, so I'm good with just knowing that it's not some kind of Windows10 bug that's bubbled up.  Besides, I usually have my video files grouped in folders, so now I'll know what's up when I see these "reelless" mp4 files.  Or I could turn off the reel borders for video files and get used to that. then it becomes a moot point!

Thanks again for your time! 
Matt R.

PS. Too Late!  I had already made a donation.  Not sure what people usually contribute, so hopefully I'm in the ballpark...

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