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RE: Debug Page & Filetypes to Thumbnail

Hello -

Still running some tests with various files and directories using the Debug page.  So, I've got one question and one repeatable crash event for you to review.

1)  So my question is regarding the Debug page and how/if it uses the listed file types indicated on the Thumbnails page.  When I dropped a particular directory onto the debug page, and clicked run, Icaros crashed almost immediately on a .DOCx file.  Which made me wonder why Icaros was even trying anything on a .DOCx file anyways, since it's not an included file type.  Maybe you clarify how the debug page is supposed to handle the included vs exclude thumbnailing file types.  Will the .docx, for example, be listed in the debug list, but then when you run the test, it skips over those excluded files ??

2)  .DOCx causing Icaros Crash.  I know that the .docx shouldn't be getting a thumbnail and I wouldn't normally be trying to run it through a debug test, but it was included when I drag/dropped the directory into the Debug Page.  Which ever way the debug page should handle exclude file types, something in these files is causing an ungraceful exit.  I know what is unique about this .DOCx that is causing the crash in Icaros.  This document has a picture pasted in it. I removed the pic, reran the debug test, and Icaros *did not* crash this time.  

Hope this helps in some error handling !  Thanks, Matt

Attached is the .docx file (1 page doc, just 1 picture in it).  Also, here is the error that is thrown when Icaros crashes:


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.docx   2014 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE SUMMIT AC PRESSURE1.docx (Size: 159.57 KB / Downloads: 291)

Hi Mrantz,

So here is how the debug page works:


1. If you have "x via Icaros" selected, any file in the debug list will be run directly through Icaros regardless of filetypes listed on the Thumbnailing Page.
2. If you have "x via Explorer" selected, any file in the debug list will be run through Explorer, using Any viable shell extension to extract information/thumbnails.

This means that if Icaros is Activated, Icaros will be used in this mode for all the filetypes listed on the Thumbnailing Page. 
If Icaros does not handle a filetype, or is deactivated, another shell extension may still produce info/thumbnails for the listed files in the debug list. 
You can see which shell extension is used in the list. 


I tried running the docx file through Icaros on my end, and surprisingly it worked and produced a thumbnail (see screenshot).
So the crash may be related to your hardware. 

Could you send me the minidump file via mail? to xanashi[at]gmail[dot]com

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Hello Xanashi !

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate the follow up on these couple issues.  So, I read your response below, and on the other 2 as well (I'll just comment directly here on all of them).


1) RE: Debug Page: Thanks for the couple points on that.  I had a completely wrong view of what the Debug page was meant to do. I thought it was meant to test the application as well (meaning the configuration, include/exclude file types, etc). Now I understand it's a tool built into the application to test and get more info on the thumbnailing of whatever files you wanna throw at it.


2) When you referenced the cache issue you're coding for, that seemed to make a lot of sense, in regards to these errors, and when I would start seeing them. And the previous cache "wipes" - they were all around that 4 GB range when that would occur.  Also, forget about this .docx issue here... same thing, probably getting triggered by the cache bug as well.  When I read your response, I retested that .docx file and various other ones, and they ran with no issue. Almost guaranteed they ran ok, because I had just refreshed the Icaros install a couple days before - so cache size hadn't even gotten to 500 MBs yet.

So, good news is - ignore all 3 of my posts - you got it covered.  Dang it! I should have just held on and waited a little longer.  Until your next release or so, and these all would have gone away!  I'll let it up to you, if you want to delete these 3 threads, feel free to - I don't think they're adding a lot of value sitting out here, up to you, I wouldn't be offended at all ! Anyways, look forward to confirm all this when the bug is fixed.  Thanks again for all the hard work on the app!

Regards, Matt R.

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