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Subtitle download option like MPC-HC offers?

When using a standard installation of MPC-HC I know there is a quick hotkey option D(?) to download a list of subtitles for a movie or show that has a linked subtitle repository.

I noticed that the shark007 version does not have this feature. I don't remember if the standard MPC-BE does. But standard MPC-HC definitely does.

Would this feature be possible to implement sometime in the future?

ThanksĀ  Smile

Since this is important to you, I suggest you go back to using the installer version of MPC-HC.
If you want to use it with my Codecs, remove the LAVFilters64 directory from the installation folder.
If you want to use the MPC Video Renderer, take the 3 files from my disdtribution
and add them to the installation folder of the player.

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