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Thumbnail Overlay Query

I totally love Icaros & have been using it for several years.

After changing a default program today for a specific filetype, the new icon overlay (in the bottom right of the thumbnail) of the new program seems far bigger than the previous one & is quite annoying to look at & covers too much of the thumbnail for my liking.

Is there any option to make this overlay smaller?
If I have to reduce the size of all other overlays, that's a hit I'm willing to take.

Thanks in advance.


I'm disappointed that there is no-one from the development team monitoring this forum to reply to (simple) questions such as mine.

There is no 'development team' here.
There is one man, Xanashi, who does this in his spare time, for free.
If he had something constructive to give you, you'd have had it long ago.
I can assure you, he reads here daily.

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