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Using the portable codecs in a non-admin windows account

So I share my computer. For that I have my account that is setted as an administrator. I can use the portable codecs in that account.

However, the user users have non administrator accounts, for security reasons.

How can these codecs be used in non administrator accounts. Being portable I thought it would be possible, but it seems to require a administrator account to open.
When I open the program using the administrator account, the settings it gives me are the the ones that were configured for the administrator account.

Are you asking to have different settings for different users of the same system?
If so, that is not possible. (at this time)

The current design is for an Administrator to set up the system for video playback.
Then that Administrator can send those settings to all users of the system using the button on the Misc tab.

That button on the misc tab was what I was looking for, thank you.
I wanted all the users to have the same settings.

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