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convert DD+ to DD

I found a very old topic on this forum about converting Dolby Digital+ to Dolby Digital:  https://www.avsforum.com/threads/any-way...d.1430245/
I have an old Onkyo tx-ds575 AVR which supports only DD or Pro Logic. It is connected via Toslink to my PC.
I am using Pot player or MPC-BE64 because they can pass through audio directly to my AVR and receiver recognizes the DD perfectly and the sound is awesome. But when I try to play DD+ my receiver switches to Pro Logic mode. Is there any way to convert DD+ to DD using your codecs app or another software?

Go to the Help TAB, and choose to check for updates.
After the Application is updated to, go to the Audio TAB and choose to enable AC3Filter.
Then click on [Configure AC3Filter]
Go to the System TAB, check the box for AC3, click Apply / OK


Works perfectly! Thank you!

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