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HEVC MKV don't show up in WMP-Streaming/DLNA on a TV

Hey Guys,
there are problems when streaming my MKV stuff to a TV from Win 11 Windows Media Player. These files don't show up!
It works well with MP4 files on my TV, but MKV files in same diretory don't show up on TV. MP4 files do show just fine. 

Don't get mixed. HEVC MKV show and play in WMP just fine!

All MKV files in question are encoded with HEVC video. 
HEVC video extension is installed from Microsoft Store as of today the latest version, but I think these are not quite important when streaming. 
I tried shark007s media foundation codec offered here but during install it recognizes newer version and did not install it over the new ones. 
The TV is capable to play HEVC and it plays them when thye are present in a MP4 container. 
I RESET ALL in Shark007 Codecs ADVANCED Edition 17.2.7 Portable. 
I even rebuild WMP Library from SHark007 Codecs Application. 
TV is able to play HEVC in many Containers, even MKVs, upto Full HD. Material is Full HD in max. and audio codecs are available as well.
What can still be checked?

Do you have an idea what can cause this or even solve this problem?

Its not going to work in WMP using Directshow filters.
It may work if you  uncheck the box for WMP suggested settings and allow it to use Media Foundation.
If that still dosent work, then you'll have to use a modern Windows App instead.

Thank you for a quick reply! I'll try that. Do you have a reccommendation for an app like that?

2 Apps come with Windows 11
"Media Player"
"Movies & TV"
Both of these Apps will not work if the WMP suggested settings is selected

Okay, just recognized that Movies & TV does not even open. There are updates available for Movies & TV and Windows Media, but they fail to install...what a nice system....what's the other app you mentioned?

Its called Media Player . . . as oposed to Windows Media Player

I see and found it. They call it "Windows Medienwiedergabe" it's just the translation for "Windows Media Play-ing" Smile
There is an update for that as well, but it won't install...whatever...
And with this app ypu can Stream to a TV? Cannot seem to find how to set it up.

Okay, there is "cast to device" available and it streams when playing a video on that pc. But with WMP streaming you can browse your media library folders and choose with your tv remote with the downside no MKVs are showing. 

I just fast forward a casted video and now everything pauses nothing plays anymore. What a mess Smile

do you have any previoua experience using DLNA?

(05-05-2023, 04:22 PM)Shark007 Wrote: do you have any previoua experience using DLNA?

I have the experience, that my TV offers a source I can choose from. 

Okay, with Windows Media Player i was using, when Windows streaming is tuned on I get one source called WMP combined with computer's name that I choose from on my TV.  It offers me to be able to browse the directories where media is available. Is it different with "Media Player"?

You're probably using Wireless networking, which will not work.
You need a fully wired network to have "cast to device" working smoothly.

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